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Book idea (1/3) (WW2 with a twist) (long) please read all?
ok so this is one of 3 book ideas im Going to be posting.

so basically it starts out in 1941 in a mysterious building.
there are 5 people with these weird collars around there necks and each is separated from one another with a leg chained to the floor...
there is

Viktor Fedorov. Age 18 Nationality Russia. Tall Strong build Black hair blue eyes. ( has a drinking habit and is a very rude perverse man. he is however a battle hardened individual who handles a PPh-41 quiet nicely. has a deep hatred for katrine but they Develop a relationship later on)

Katrine Blaurock. Age 15 Nationality German. Tall Athletic Build Blond Hair blue eyes. ( Daughter of an important nazi General who couldn't amount in the military because she was a woman. has a older brother who is a high ranking lutenit. wants to impress her father but cant. hates all the other members especially Viktor but softens up later on. has a P08 Artillery model)

Chang Kubo "Tants". Age 14 Nationality Japanese. Slight frame. Black Hair Green Eyes. ( Younger brother of the person who was supposed to be taken. Is scared and develops a crush on amber. Carry's his brothers tanto at all times)

Rick Walker. Age 16. Nationality American. Medium Frame Brown hair Blue Eyes ( Typical american from ww2 his father served in the military and he is a very good shot with a springfield. grew up in texas and builds a good friend ship with amber. is somewhat the leader)

Amber Rollins. Age 15. Nationality American. Light frame. Red Hair Blue eyes. ( Works for the government and grew up in present day american. and its funny how the typical american teen (even with training) deals with the situation.)

they all slowly awake and a jumble of languages is shouted at one another. Finally a message is sent from the collars each a different language for each.
the message is

" It has come to our attention that a outside force has intervened with what is called the "World War Two" It has the potential to alter the outcome and destroy the human race. That is why each of you has been chosen to help us stop it. you are brought here because each of you has some sort of Special training that we need to stop what has been called. "Project 19". These collars around your necks have video cameras and microphones so we can see and hear everything you do and we can contact you directly with them. If any of you does not comply or harms another member of the team they are also fixed with a remote detonation device so i would advise you don't mess with them. your target is a small research factory in the heart of berlin. you shall be released and let to the weapons locker in just a minute..."

SO basically a Government organization from modern day have heard about a Crazed scientist going back to ww2 times to give the nazis a new weapon of apocalyptic proportions. So a group travels back in time and sets up base they then recruit 4 people to accomplish this mission ( they cant interfere to much or it will affect time ) and implant Amber who is the groups translator and the group doesn't find out shes from the future till later. But the government base is attacked and the group of 5 must escape. blah blah blah they set out from spain and must Advance to germany Each with slight diff motives. They later meet up with other operatives in france that help them. Amber can speak English german and russian but not japanese so the group has a hard time communicating with the one member who isn't as battle hardened as they find out.

so ya im having a hard time putting this into a message and ill prob make a revised version. but i just wanted to know what you guys thought.
this is my first idea of 3
I'll post more on this if you guys like it
rick oremember i'm not a writer.
i would follow china and make them older. guys would have never been able to penetrate a super-secret site in nazi paranoia germany. more on that later.
i haven't come up with much for victor other than the fact if he's soviet and handles a pph-41 well maybe he's also a demo man. maybe not an expert, but the best of the group.
katrine i don't know about. possibly, a silent-kill expert. combat techniques she learned in secret hoping to show her father she was worthy of his affection.
chang i can't respond on because i would change him to itailian the reason is because a japanese of any age approaching a secret site would be stopped immediately. a 25 or 30 yr old itailian is an out-of place ally, just lost. maybe an itailian who's an expert hand to hand MILITARY (NOT KUNGFU) combat.
rick, if you want him to have leadership qualities, coming from a military background should be given the "strategic' foresight to anticipate probable upcoming snags that weren't foreseen by random events and evaluate them. that would come back to age and first-hand knowledge.
as far as amber i like the idea and you could make her slightly younger than the others, but, not enough to make her seem out-of-place. that would give her that little-girl-lost quality. to make her a mandatory part of the team give her a father who is a diplomat and has a secret military background she found out about by accident.
just quick random thoughts. hope i was of help.

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