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How come a lot of young Asian girls date old white and bald men?
I rarely see this with other races, but more common with Asian women. The men are over twice their age. Is it something about old men that Asian women desire?
Because asian women loooove shopping and jewelry and money. And older, white balding men are usually the ones with all of this money. Asian women are the lucky ones who get all of the attention from men, so these older white balding men are very happy to give them whatever they want.
Young attractive Asian girls full of potential but with a fatal weakness for men?
Its so common it maybe a cliche now.
Young attractive Asian girls disappearing/being stalked after having many casual sexual encounters with white male classmates and professors.

There are quite a few blogs on the web concerning such things from Asian girls who are now graduated a little older and wiser. There is one from Harvard which is particularly interesting because the white male was not only stalking Asian coeds but was also married to one.

My question is, why are Asian girls leading on so many white males at one given time?
I dont believe there is any proof of this. I do know however that American girls have fattened themselves up so much that they have to become religious and pretend it is their religion that tells them to dress shabbily.
Why does asian girls and young asian women look so freaky these days?
I am 19 year old Korean female and this is what I think. Some of them seriously look freakishly unnatural! What happened to the meaning of true asian beauty? It's like the true beautiful asians are beggining to disappear. It's sad. :(
no i still see beautiful asian girls.........
What do you think about couples -old fat white guys and young thin asian girls?
what do you think about couples -old fat white guys and young thin asian girls? How often do you see such couples?
Different folks.....different strokes
GUYS why is it that I see EVERYDAY so many old man with YOUNG Asian girls.I live in Australia?
I just cant understand and cant believe it. It looks really odd, why would a young woman in her 20's want to be with a man in his 50, 60?
Can somebody please explain to me, thanks!
Becaue asian girls, alot of them are filthy bananas

make me want to take a ****
Why do asian guys fantasise over young asian girls?
asian porn is all about school girls. now, i understand that guys dig young chicks cos theyre hotter and tighter and all that, but....i mean....all asian chicks are super hot and young looking and tight anyway, so why do they fantasise about the little girls?

...just sayin...
Why do you watch so much Asian porn?

So, do you believe everything you see in porn?
Why are young asian girls handwriting all the same?
It also the same for gay asian guys. (I'm not trying to be rascist!)
it is in their DNA which becomes differentiated and diffuse through age...
Does white men making more money = More young asian girls for him?
What do you guys think?
it depends with also the type of person you are the the type of signal you are sending out to i don't buy it they might actually like you for who you are and you are getting it the other way around
Why do I see only old ugly kaukasian men with young pretty asian girls,?
but not old ugly asian men with young pretty kaukasian girls in the steets?
When China, Japan, and/or other Asian countries officially take over as the next superpower of the world, and it is clear to everyone that these guys are the up and coming power-brokers and ultimate "sugar daddies", then you may in fact see it shift that way. I guess, that is, if old ugly Asian men would have white bimbos for gfs & trophy wives.

Follow the money, honey. Asian women see American (Western) men as the ticket to paradise, and old fat white guys like the idea that they can get a sweet young thing to pay them some attention.

There is also the idea that Asian women are more submissive and traditional than Western women, but that only lasts until the "culture shock" wears off or the ring gets on the finger, and voila, the Asian chicks learn how to be divas pretty quick!
Why do the america like sexually abusing young asian girls ? do they think all asians girls are all whores .?
most of all tourist in asia are american.they have only one thing in mind when they go in asia.not sightseeing but mostly sex... sometimes business but only a few american travel to asia for business lol. but mostly there concern are sex with asian girl do you think american guys are sex starve people lol.or even sex maniac... eeee yuck lol.
I know how you feel. It's sickening. Most of those tourists you're talking about are white males.

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