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Do women have wet dreams?
I've had a wet dream before and I am aware of the results of that (waking with *** in my boxers)My question is, do women also have wet dreams and if so, what is the aftermath. Would she awake with ejaculation in her panties or something else?
Yes women can have an orgasm in their sleep. Most girl do not have a female ejaculation. Since girls always produce vaginal discharge she may or may not notice being extra wet. She may even wake up in the middle of the orgasm.
Has any woman wet herself for not coming to the bath on time?
Unfortunately it has happened to me on friday, coming from the work. I had taken a few cups of coffee during the afternoon and in the bus they gave me a terrible desire of doing pee. When I left the bus at my station I wanted to pee so badly that I almost could not last any more. I tried to walk to my apartment as quickly as possible but I did not come on time. When I was going up in the elevator (I live in the 9th floor), I could not keep back any more and my bladder emptied itself with a strong stream. I flooded my panties, leggins and ballerinas and left an enormous puddle in the elevator. That shame! I am 27 years old and I peed myself like a little girl! The worst thing is that an old couple living in the same floor saw me coming out of the elevator with wet pants.
Are there more women to whom it has happened? I do not want to think that I am the only one that has wet herself big.
The same thing happened to me in high school. In my freshman year, I was taking a test and I needed to go to the bathroom really badly, but couldn't until class ended. I ended up running to the bathroom after class, but then it happened! My bladder opened up and the pee came pouring out, making my pants soaking wet! What made it worse was that lots of people saw me, including some Senior guys (talk about embarrasing!) I burst into tears and ran into the bathroom, and stayed there for about an hour! But, I eventually realized that this happens to everyone once in a while, so don't worry about it! :)
I have a wicked panty fetish. Is that wrong?
I don't know what it is. I love a woman in panties, especially satin fullbacks or even granny panties. Maybe what I find so erotic about them is what they seem to leave to the imagination and what naughty secrets they may hold. I love the way a nice pair of panties hug a woman's butt just right. I love getting a woman so wet her panties are left saturated before I take them off. I love the musky scent that is so sexy. So, tell me this. Am I normal? Am I obsessed with womens' underwear? For me this has been a fetish I've had since I was in my early teens. It's so strong I've even stolen my stepmom's panties but keep in mind that she is young and very attractive. I'm lucky I've never been caught after all this time. Is there a cure for this 20 year panty fetish I have? How common is it? I've had girlfriends that loved this fetish and used it to tease me and others that simply don't get it or are freaked out by it. That's why I'm asking these questions.
I have a pair of granny panties if you want them....I was gonna throw them out!
Ladies, Does wetness stay inside or seep outside?
Women I have been intimate with have different levels of wetness. I thought that only the hair allowed the wetness to travel to the outside and make the panties wet, but have noticed that some who have hair never get wet "outside" and those without hair (shaved) can still have dampness in their panties. Assuming that all women were aroused to the same state, do some women just get wetter than others?
Body fluid production varies from one individual to another, and can be affected by medications, as well - such as birth control pills and allergy medications.

Saliva serves as an excellent lubricant, so do your part to ensure that both of you are enjoying the experience ;)
Am i too old for a spanking?
Hi. I'm upset with the way my dad is treating me as I get older. I am allowed to go out to the mall and movies on weekends and stay out late (with a curfew of course). I even have a boyfriend and held a job at a fast food place (which I quit). I still have my boyfriend who is 14 and it's nothing serious. I am a good guy and I don't have sex or do anything wrong. But if I do the slightest thing wrong my dad gets really mad and usually throws me across his lap and spanks me. I feel I am too old for this. He used to do it with my underwear down, until at 13 I started complaining about it. So he does it with my panties on and it really hurts. My mom says that it's not abusive. I guess it's not. But it's not fair. I am too old and have a bf and a job and I'm in high school. Why should I get spankings? I've been getting more of them these last few weeks, which is why I'm on here. My daddy is also saying that panties on spankings aren't working and he's stated that he's going back to spanking with panties down. I'm too old, but too embarrassed to tell my guidance counselor about the spankings. I agree that there is nothing wrong with spanking me a bit, but I feel I'm too old for over the knee. My dad says as long as I'm a girl, until i'm 18 he will spank exactly how he sees it and for his reasons. Some of the reasons I've been punished: talking too much in class and getting detention, and when daddy found out he took me to my room and spanked me on my panties! :( Also, for going over texts and even little things. I made faces at my mom and she complained and I got a spanking and early bedtime even. I couldn't believe it. Also, I left some of the milk of the fridge before practice and my dad even gave me a spanking for it, saying that I was cutting into the family budget. He makes me feel bad. So, the most embarrassing thing is that I still have a bf and he kisses he and we play and pet on each other, and he's even touched my bottom (I let him). I noticed my bf makes me wet. Then the next day, after making out with him, my dad gave me another spanking. I seem to average about 1-2 spanks a week now, and my dad said he is getting really mad and thinking of using a belt. Anyway, my panties were soaking after lying on his lap. I think it turns me on. That is why I am too old for panties down spankings. I have a bf and want to have sex soon, but not a baby. I know what i'm doing. I know a lot about sex, and spanking is used for foreplay and makes women wet. Well, my dad spankings are making me wet. Aren't I too old? Please help. I'm 15 and tired of being laid across dad's knee. My 17 sister only got one maybe 2 such spankings this year, and dad said he think he won't spank her anymore. why me?
As a girl you're never too old for a spanking. Our daughter is 16 and still spanked by her father, and will be until she's married, then her husband will take over. If the whole taking your panties down bothers you, maybe you could wear a thong, or suggest to your father and ask before a spanking if you can go change into a thong. Thats what our daughter wears mostly. It gives you some modesty at the same time your butt is basically bare so you're dad has a clear target.
How many women bring extra undergarments to work?
I see a lot of females asking and answering questions saying they get their panties all wet from questions and answers lately.
What day of the week do you just bring a towel instead?
I think most of them are on Fridays in anticipation off getting off early.
Um undergarments might also include a bra, and some dresses have em built in. Panties are just a waste of money I think.

I just heard a funny country song, Tequila makes her clothes fall off, Hahahahaha. I'd be such a cheap date to drink, LOL
Why do women have panty liners?
On TV adds; show lots of pantie liners whats that all about do they all wet themselves or what?.You don't see them offer them to us men as we are in clean and control of ourselves.
That's because men usually need to go the whole hog with full incontinence pants when they get older.
[Mature Topic] Women, what do you do when you are aroused, (moist) in public?
When a man is aroused, he erects. Once he calms, his errection softens. However, when a woman is aroused she wets. Even when she calms, her panties must still be moist. So, what do you do if you're moist in public? Do you just ignore the moister until it dries? Do you go to a bathroom and pad it down? Does it feel uncomfortable?
Women are not turned on by sight like men are. We are not as easily aroused as men. We get wet during extreme arousal, in preparation for sex. We don't check out groins or have a need to grab, etc.....but whisper in our ear (depending upon what is said) that would be more erotic to a woman. Nice cologne on a man is more erotic to a woman.....I really like Black, by Kenneth Cole. Don't get me wrong, visuals can be erotic and cause arousal, but it goes away much quicker, bad breath is a definite romance killer. For instance, a woman may be turned on by a movie....the phone rings, a guy cries, etc. and that's the end of that thought, simple as that. Once we have had sex, then we are wet and uncomfortable. We like to clean up asap. I personally would put the wet panties in my pocket and wear none at all until I could shower and change.
Are women ever going to change?
My life as a man is becoming unendurable. Yet these troubles of mine stem from women! I'm tired of believing that women will ever adapt. Barack was supposed to change everything, yet women have settled back into their wily ways.

Here are my problems with women:

--they flaunt their breasts and believe that men enjoy seeing this
Inside scoop: Men are not impressed with breasts. We think the milk in them is expired, and breasts get in the way of sex. They flop around like floatation devices and manipulate our equilibrium (and yours).

--they wiggle their tushy and expect us to enjoy it
Inside scoop: We think your butt is an irregularity because of its size. Your monstrous hips, that probably could trigger a tsunami, are likewise nothing to gawk over. When we swoop in to kiss you, we'd prefer that we didn't have these glacier hips to grab. We just want normal symetrry down there, yet what you provide is far from this.

--they love to prance around in fancy costumes and colorful bras and panties
Inside scoop: Your bras and panties do nothing to stimulate us. We laugh at these costumes you assemble and wish that you just wore a t-shirt and jeans. Even high heels need to go. You look like an awkward bird when you skip around town in stihlettos. Put on some sandals and a t-shirt, and leave the lace panties and strappy bras alone.

--they think we enjoy being inside of them
Inside scoop: I don't know of any man who enjoys penetrating a woman's wet, slimy receiver. It's like being inside of a lubricated dungeon. The heat you manufacture down there can leave our pricks red, and the slime you secrete is hard to wash off. When we are doing you face-to-face, our eyes are actually telling you, "I can't wait to bail on this wet gash, but I know she suffers from penis envy so I'll keep plugging away." That's what our eyes are saying, ladies.

I feel better now.

Does anyone agree with me?
a poem by Trixie to her lover Joey.

Dear Joey.

The sun shines on my lover Joey
Did you see the answer above by Chloe?
She has delusional problems and is probably a Hoey.

You are my boyfriend the Brilliant Genius
Tall, handsome, funny and has a large Penius

We are going to run away to Venice
we will run the streets and stay out all night
causing trouble like 2 real menace.

I wear Victoria Secret underwear on my Fanny
and you like to look under bridges for Trannies
We will get along just fine
because you are my lover who i will wait for, for all time.


How can I stop feeling sorry for women?
I feel very sorry for women. Don't get me wrong--I am considerate to them. But I have a special place in my heart which makes me happy to be a man.


--wear panties (think about how that word just sounds...."panties")
--obsess over wedding rings
--get inserted
--wait for us to spray them
--are insatiable
--stay wet most of the day
--think a lot about penis
--need to be cuddled
--wear skirts with flowered panties
--bleed irregularly
--have to wear makeup
--have smelly vaginas (which I actually like)
--can't make it through a day without a man
- i wear thongs and g-string not panties
- i don't need to get married and i dont care how big a ring would be
- get inserted??? nothing wrong with that
- don't always wait for guys to spray them
- and i am very satisfied with everything because i do things myself
- women are not always wet
- and they are not like men and think about sex and penis all day
- i do need to be cuddled with
- i don't wear skirts or flowered "panties"
- periods are normal nothing big
- strong women don't let anyone see them cry
- and you can't wear make-up all the time
- and if you shower every day they don't smell bad
- and actually i have made it three years without a dude

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