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Which girls are more slutty latinas or asians?
I am married just wanna know for on the side
its equal. each race has sluts. but asian porn is insane. just sayin. they'd probably do more freakier things.
Do any of you guys have a Slutty Asian Girls Dance Group at your school?
At my school, we have an all-asian girls slutty dance group comprised of girls in really skanky outfits and they perform really questionable dances at all of our school events.

Whats funny is that you see them dancing like hos on stage and see them in the halls looking all innocent.

Do you guys have these dance groups at your school?
Haha yeah I think that's a staple at every high school.
Do Blonde Asians Appear Slutty?
I was thinking about dyeing my hair BLONDE, but my friends tell me it would look slutty. What do you think?

My pictures:
You wouldn't look "slutty" just weird. I would suggest a light dark brown hair color with a golden bronze back drop. ( just to add shimmer). Also Just a suggestion you have great bone structure and should try a shorter hair style.
Why does western society label asians as slutty and gold diggers?
if you've been to asia you'dnotice that many women are studious, ambitious and hard working. like how many white women even go to college? most asian girls usually major in engineering or business. they put brains before looks. they do not dump nice guys to chase or sleep with so called bad boys. and just because we are polite to everyone regardless of how they look doesnt mean we are submissive. and just because we marry a guy for their personality more than looks it doesnt mean we are gold diggers. and how often do you see an asian girl acting like a conceited snob ?
i think your thinking about black chicks,
How come when you type "Asian" on google images, slutty women pop up?
Okay lol, go to Google images, type in "African", then type "European", then type "Asian", you'll be like WTF?

When you type in "European", you get pictures of flags and maps, the culture and the people, and when you type in "African", you get the same, but then if you type in "Asian", you get pictuers of slutty women, and if you take safesearch off, there's pictures of slutty women. But when you take safesearch off for the other ones, nothing changes.

Anyone have an explanation for this?
google blond women
Are asian girls known for being least slutty compared to other races of women?
Generally speaking what do you think? I know few of them get so really slutty and even bash their own men, this kind of girl really get on my nerves, most of them can be so faithful though.
White women watch porn, and have multiple partners before marriage, AND divorce.

Chinese girls don't sleep around, don't watch porn, and are harder working, smarter, and have more self-respect.

White women have no self-respect.
Do you think if more south asians and muslim women started dressing hot and slutty they'd be more "hot" in oth?
in other people eyes? and be considered very exotic?

For example Alyzar lie (the women in the basshunter videos) is Iranian (and without her covering her body or wearing a hijab she looks HOT)………

lol i didn'r realize muslim women could lookk hot like that if they dresses more provactively…
YES YES omg your so right ! Arabic women are VERY pretty ! when you see them without scarfs etc.
How does a reasonably attractive but not thin 32 year old white girl approach an asian man she likes?
um trying to learn how to approach or get noticed by Asian men in my area. dont want to look stupid or slutty. the asians in my area seem very shy or something.....maybe its i dont know how to show interest or where to meet an asian guy that might want a girl like me.
Some Asian men can be shy especially if they're new arrivals. However the majority of us are just like any other type of men. I would start off by smiling at him every time you see him, and make sure he see it. A warm friendly smile is universal and needs no translation. After that you can approach him, with a simple hello, and see how it goes from there.

If things don't pan out the way you like, you can try this website called "Project" It's a place for Asian men and Non-Asian women. It's a social networking site, but can be for dating as well. Give it a shot, never know what can happen.
Where's a good place to find Asian women?
I'm Asian, I only 17, and in high school. I'm growing tired of having slutty Asian girlfriends. I'm wondering wheres a good place to find good Asian girls most likely Chinese, Korean or Japanese girls , its ironic since I live in the Bay Area and its surrounded by Asians people
Are Asian girls slutty?
I honestly have gotten more action with Asians than whites...are they sluttier than other races???
yes, they are. If you're white they'll sex u up so they can get u.s. citizenship and bc they believe dating a white guy elevates them to a higher status. Plus they have inner insecurities. Didnt you know they bleach their skin so it's white? They put such a value on skin color its ridiculous cuz they're trying to be white but they'll never be it!

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