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What percentage of post-op transsexuals actually regret their transition?
I hear a lot of sob stories on TV about transsexuals that regret their transition.

I've never met one neither in real life nor on the internet though ^_^
This crap (not your question) REALLY annoys me. There are two prominent "regret stories" in the media, Alan/Helen Finch and Charles/Samantha Kane (three if you count Rene Richards, though she's not *exactly* regretful.) Then their are a bunch of newspaper articles (mostly from the UK) about post-op people stepping forward with regrets. Hmmm... I wonder if getting GRS surgery for free makes people less concerned about their certainty, since it's not like they have to save tens of thousands of dollars like those of us in the U.S.

What you'll find in common with these people (and most other transsexual individuals who express regret) is that they all transitioned and had surgery because "SOMEONE ELSE" wanted them to, or told them to. They blame it on their boyfriends, their therapists, their surgeons. Everyone is responsible for their mistake except for themselves.

The second thing you'll find in common is that people who regret transition usually have (or had) some major psychological issues or event at the time they decided to transition. They were severely depressed, or had just been dumped by their partner, or relived some trauma from their youth.

The third thing you'll often find is that they lied to their therapist, or withheld info from their therapist, or bypassed the therapy process altogether.

The fourth thing you'll sometimes find is that these "regretful" people realized that GOD didn't want them to transition. They fall into some religion that fills the emptiness that they though transitioning would fill, and in the process they "learn" that they never should have transitioned.

Granted, back in the 70's things weren't as methodical and overseen as they are today, and gender therapists didn't yet exist, but any intelligent person who is contemplating a gender transition should WANT to get therapy so they can be sure to do things correctly, and they should be HONEST with the therapist about why they want to transition. I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a regretful transsexual person who was 100% honest with their therapist - and most even admit as much.

Then, what was going through these people's minds when they were living as their target gender prior to surgery? Well, guess what.... many of them DIDN'T live as their target gender - they lied about it. Or, they had as little interaction with the real world as possible, effectively never learning what life would be like after transition. Basically, they set themselves up for failure - probably the same as they did in every other area of their lives.

I wonder how much of the regret these people have is regret over transitioning, or simply not wanting to take responsibility for their own unhappiness? Personally, I can't IMAGINE getting GRS surgery unless I KNEW at the VERY CORE OF MY BEING that it was right for me.

Okay, I'm done ranting.
Is there a porn industry market for post op transsexuals?
I am wanting a sex change to female. I have already considered all the factors for why I should get the sex change. I have researched all that already. I really like men and sometimes women but I haven't had sex. I am obsessed with porn. It turns me on. I watch it everyday. I am wondering about how hard it will be to get in to the industry.
People can say anything they want, but NO. Once you've had SRS the porn industry will have no interest in you; that's reality. I would suggest you forget about porn and get on with the business of correcting your birth condition. After SRS you can have intimate relationships with men. Relationships that don't require a camera.
MtF post op Transsexuals; Can you have sex with a man without telling him?
Can you have sex with a man witout telling him and he doesnt notice? Only think of the vagina, without other phisically aspects.
Would a man notice that you didnt always have been completely phisically a woman?
This question has already been answered very eloquently here --> (see source)
What's the difference between a transsexual vagina and a real girl's vagina?

Honesty is always the best policy. People tend to respect you more. Why would a trans-person want to have sex with a transphobic individual anyway?!!
Do you consider post-op transsexuals part of the gay community?
This is something I found confusing. I mean, after a transsexual gets the operation, I consider them to be of the other gender. Unless they aren't gay transsexuals (e.g. a MtF who then dates girls), I would view them as straight, and therefore not part of the gay community.

What do you think?
Well, that depends.

A lesbian transwoman is part of the 'gay community'; so is a gay transman.
A straight transperson, of either gender, technically isn't, but tend to stay in or close to the 'gay community' because they face the same discriminations and abuse that gay people (trans or otherwise) do; the mainstream community finds it difficult to understand how 'gay' and 'straight' relate to transsexual people.
Post Op Transsexuals; Do you need to use a special liquid after sex to clean your vagina?
because we dont have period.
i only ever use warm salty water. summer's eve douche is well thought of.
What is the suicide rate for post-op transsexuals?
I once had a guy tell me that the suicide rate for post-ops is still remarkably higher than it should be, which doesn't surprise me at all because even after SRS if you don't pass you'll still get treated like crap.

I'm not very worried about "passing" but, personally, if I spend 30,000 dollars for a vagina I want to be treated like a woman, period.
I know of one thus far out of nearly 150 post ops I have known. However, the amount of attempts is in the hundreds for those not treated by comparison. Hence, why the only path for a real TS is eventual GRS if possible.
one who chooses not to for reasons of desire for the original sex organs is not a true ts but a wannabe.
How Many Post Op Male to Female Transsexuals are in a Relationship with a Man?
It seems that many pre op transsexual women seem to love being feminine and sexual before their surgery. But after the SRS surgery they seem to lose interest in being feminine and wanting a male partner. If that is the case it seems that the SRS surgery is not worthwhile. I myself would love to have the SRS and become married to a caring and sexual man. Also, are their any pre op transsexuals in their forties or fifties who are looking forward to their SRS surgery?

I tend to agree with Pam; if your motivation for SAS is simply to have a sexual relationship with a man, you ought to consider very carefully whether you're making the right decision. This surgery is intended to resolve your own internal conflict, not to make it easier to get laid.

Personally, I've never been attracted to men, either before or after surgery - which has made it very difficult for some of my friends to understand WHY I had surgery at all, because they also believed that the only reason for it is to have sex with men (they've learned better, now ;)).

And I don't think it's true that we 'lose interest in being feminine' after surgery , I do think that your focus changes a bit; you can stop trying so hard, relax and just be yourself, which means not always having to look and act like a perfect "Stepford Wife".
Which relaxed attitude, I'm told, is actually MORE attractive to most people; if I'M not trying so hard, they don't feel pressured to live up to my example.

(oh, and the 'how many?' question; the most recent survey results I've seen said that around 40% of transsexual women are sexually attracted to/in relationships with men. It didn't differentiate between pre- and post-op though.)
How easy is it for post op transsexuals to find love?
how easy/ hard is it for transsexuals to find genuine love with the possibility of marriage with a average? person
That depends...

Sometimes it's easy. If you're lucky and live in a community where there's people who understand that sort of thing and accept it, finding a partner isn't nearly as difficult than if one lived-- for example-- smack dab in the middle of Nebraska. Normally though, unless you don't mind dating other trans people, it can be really difficult because people just tend to not be accepting.

For some people, they already have a partner when they transition, so they don't really have that issue... though I'd think that would be even more difficult, especially if one's partner identified as gay, lesbian, straight, etc. Sometimes, keeping your partner is ten times more difficult than finding one...

Even if I did find someone I wanted to marry, I couldn't-- I'm gay. I'm a guy who likes guys, and there are girls out there who like other girls. On one hand, you'd think that the queer community would be more accepting... on the other hand, they tend to be just as bad with the "But you're not a real man!"/"You're not a real woman!" reactions.

Post op transsexuals MtF; How big were your breasts after 1 year HRT?
I'm 17, and its year now I've been on HRT. I'm pretty happy that I got boobs, but I thought it would be more in 1 year though :/ my Cup A is still not completely filled out.

How big were your boobs after 1 year HRT?
i was an a cup until a couple of years after my srs. now i'm a d, though i gained a lot of weight in my 40s which i am now losing. i'll probably end up a c.

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