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My boyfriend seems to like my *** over my that normal...?
Does that just mean my boobs are too small??? Another question....We have annal sex... but he doesnt want to have vagina sex till we r married...Its against what he believes but if we are being old fashion.....vagina sex is not worse than annal sex before marriage in my moral confused...any comments would be very helpful...question 1...Why does he like my *** over my boobs??? question 2 Why does he want to have annal over vagina sex??? question 3 Does his actions mean he isn't in to me??? Soo confused...
Since you have already given what he is obviously attracted to, why would he want to mess it up with the front. He knows that this way, there could be no pregnancy and no complications. He is like any male. He's getting what he wants so he doesn't have to work on anything else.
How to GET EVEN with my EVIL mother in law?
When my mother in law and I net 4 years ago she was very pleasant with me but really mean to her other sons' significan others. I though that she was nice to me because she simply like me. As soon as her son and I got engaged, she sneakily throws rude comments at me when he is not around and ask me questions about my culture so she can insult me and make fun of me later. I did nothing wrong to her. Sometimes I feel terrible not doing anything about it but it started to really bother me when she is now disrespecting my daughter (with previous marriage) who is 16. My daughter loves to bake and one time my evil MIL asked her if she has a better recipe in a smart *** way.
My husband thinks I am being overly sensitive we=hen even his cousins notice how evil she is with the way she treats me. I told my husband that if he cannot defend me that I will defend myself but I am too scaredy cat to do it. I dont want my husband and i to fight about her but I am so angry with her for putting me down all the time. I tried to kill her with kindness but that doesnt stop her.
Please help me! I need DISCREET WAYS to get even with her. I am DESPERATE!!!
Don't bother with her. Don't get into this messy business and sink to her level. Just choose to ignore her, maybe she'll eventually realize that she's being stupid. If not, her loss. is not openning in to my pc?
i want to know hwat is happening my frinds can open it easily & i am the old user of it
but suuden i feeling the kicked my *** please help .!!!!!
Are we going to see the return of the kiss my *** club?
I know wwe is PG but I got the feeling that Vince McMahon is going to bring the kiss my *** club back in a unique way I don't know maybe have Cena or Punk be involve what do you think?
Yeah you never know but doubt it. It wouldn't be a kiss my *** club though because there PG. It would be "Kiss My Bunns Match"
I sent a naked picture to an old friend and im almost fourteen and im at my dads house the whole summer ?
I know it was illegal and really wrong i know that now but i was mad my dad had a lady friend i thought was his girlfriend so a boy txted me that i knew and asked me for a pic tried to avoid it and change the subject but he just brought it back up so he sent me a picture of him and convinced me to do the same so i did since im younger than fifteen my dad looked at my phone when i was asleep and saw it so he caled me a whore tramp slut dirty ***** told me to pack my things and get the f out threw my food on the ground and made me pick it up after he told me to get my *** down stairs to eat grabbed me by my hair and pulled me around got in my face said mean things threw the things i packed on the ground and made me pick it up told me where the f do i think im going i aint got no where to go made me sit on the floor called the police And took my phone and txted my mom which they hate each other and she took the txt of the phone she got me and i dont knw wht to do tel wht my dad did to me o take it as my falt
I'm on your dad's side. He did nothing wrong. His 14 year old daughter did. What were you thinking ? That boy has sent your picture to all his male friends and they in turn will do the same once they get it. It'll be all over the internet. And you have no right to get upset because your dad has a new girlfriend. It''s his life and he has every right to be happy.You are very immature for your age. Always remember that any pix or other info that you post is open for all the world to see. All someone has to do is hack your account (very easy). This picture will follow you thur school and when you try to get a job-there it will be. When you break up with this guy he will use the picture against you. You made a horrible mistake that you will pay for the rest of your life. You need to apologize to your dad and then to your mom.It's totally your own fault.
So frustrated! How can I lose the most weight in a month?
I've been dieting & exercising moderately for about 2-3 weeks & have seen no difference in my body. I'm trying to lose weight for my birthday which is a little less than a month away now & it seems like I'm totally busting my *** for nothing. I do cardio for an hour, 7 days a week. I also do strength training 3 days a week with abs, on top of the usual cardio. My diet is at 1,200 calories a day or less mostly high protein low carb. What the hell am I doing wrong?
You could be eating too few calories for your age or weight. If you are a teen that is most likely it since teens need more calories than adults because they are growing. If you don't eat enough calories, your body kinda freaks out and thinks it's starving and goes into starvation mode. It doesn't know when it will get food next so it holds on to as much fat as possible and slows down your metabolism. So you should find out how many calories you should be eating to maintain your current weight, then find out how many calories you're burning a day and subtract however many more calories you need to to get a daily 500 calorie deficit for 1 pound a week weight loss. For example, if you need 1,700 calories to maintain your weight and you're burning 200 calories a day, to get a 500 calorie deficit you need to eat 300 less than your maintaining calories. So you would eat 1,400 calories and burn 200 for a weight loss rate of 1 pound a week. I hope that makes sense. Good luck! (:
Why do i miss my ex boyfriend?
.. Me and this guy garrettt used to be really close bestfriend.. we started going out and we fell in love. We dated for a year with alot of mini breakups... Then one time we just stopped talking .. He went for the cheerleaders and he became a complete ***. He screams in my face. I've done really bad things to him and i want to say im sorry but he wont accept.. I miss him so much.. I dont know how to even live without him. I've been dying for almost 3 months.. Someone please tell me what i should do.!! /: </3
well you can get a new boyfrind you miss the ex
The story is about a year ago i moved to were im at now. I love this place but i cant be myself for some reason!! Before i moved down here i weighed 305lbs. When i weighed that much i felt i should show my self as a good person cause i weighed so much.

At that time i could make any one laughed! One time i was with this really pretty girl and i told her how i fell on some ice and broke my *** and she laughed so hard that she snorted like a pig! She said he liked me but at the time i was scared to ask her out. I made people ( mostly girls) feel good about them self's by making them laugh or walking and talking. I had a few girlfriends from it, but never lasted ( at first i thought it was cause i was fat so i gave up.)

Anyways, i moved down here and the weight just started to fall off. Every month i lost about ten pounds, till i got to 220 a year later :) And more i lost the more i stopped being funny and being myself, and i dont know why! NOTE: ( i'm not ugly at all, i'm white, 6'2, brown curly hair, green,blue and yellow as a mix of my eye color)

When i started to notice i was sliming down I wasn't able to make people laugh, its like it effected my thinking in a bad way . I still got girls but as before it never lasted. I mostly hung out with girls. And people (mostly guys) started to make fun of me and call me names for no reason!! I think thats it but im not sure, cause i double guess my self, But i have an theory that since i stared to loose the weight more girls wanted me, they hung out with me more through the day so which means guys got jealous... Some of the guys talked to some of the girls and started some rumors, but i dont care about that.

I'm sorry if this didnt make sense, im really upset,I just need some help on being my self again!! I miss the old me:(
How to get in shape for USMC basic?
i plan on enlisting one day and im not in good physical all
my friends laughed their asses off when i said i wanted to enlist, so that and serving my country and having a career are really the big reasons i want to join, so i can prove them wrong. So what workouts can i do to prepare? and in basic, and if they do, which exercises do they focus on the most?
Order one of those workout regiments("Insanity",P90X,etc....)
trust me, they work(im using "insanity") :)
Running and some pushups will only burn a certain amount of calories
Doing an actual regiment will be more effective(cardio,plyometrics,all that other stuff) and help you lose some pounds and get yourself toned
My father tried to kill me.?
Where do I begin? I'm 21 and still living at home. If you can call it that....I wouldn't. Anyway my parents are divorced (have been since I was 9) and I live with my father. He works In Dubai so he's rarely here in Norway. But when he is here, all he does is yell at me. Like I remember once i spilled a carton of milk and i was cleaning it up. And for some reason he figured out a way to yell about it for 30 min.

Today, I woke up late and I went into the living room and saw my dad, I said Good Morning Dad. He just gave me the look. He said " You're waking up now!? "It's 12 o clock! "
I did what I always do went into my room and turned on my computer. I hadn't been awake a minute and still my father had figured out a way to ruin my day. That has to be a record of some kind.
a couple hours go by and I start having this major headache. I lie on my bed with my eyes closed. And suddenly my bedroom door swings open!
And it's my dad and he starts yelling about how lazy I am! I'm like I'm not sleeping I'm just resting my eyes! He yells about what a bad son I am to I don't rins the dishes well enough.....btw WOW!
and is he blind!?
It's summer and I've worked my *** of on exams. Can't I just sleep late?
I go into the living room to confront him and he starts yelling and going mental. I'm standing in the doorway and all of a sudden he starts throwing things at me I close the door and I hear something shattered on the other side. I open the door again and I duck, right over my head dad throws a glass salt shaker.....a big one! it shatters on the floor and there is salt everywhere!
Suddenly my dad pushed the door open and in his hand is a coffee cup. He's threatening to beat me with it. I push him away. I could easily punched him. But I didn't want to. I'm pushing him away and he's yelling at me. still threatening me btw. He eventually turns around and goes back into the living room.

And then he yells that I'm pathetic that I don't have any friends. I say the same to him, because last I checked he wasn't mr. popular!

I go into my room and yeah tears! I think to myself what the hell is wrong with him!?
How do I get away from all of this. I would love to move to my own place but here is the problem.
I failed 6 classes here (in the span of 3 years) and I have to retake them. They say my record is incomplete and without them I can't join any college or uni. There are things in there like math and french....I wrote 4 pages on my french literature exam and somehow failed.

And I've never had a job. I have 1 friend who see's me whenever he feels like it. I'm nothing but depressed but you would never know. Because I tend to make people laugh....(yet no friends) Huh weird.

p.s. that glass things my dad threw at me could've left me blind.

What should I do???
Call the police?

©, in my ass