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How do you get cute/pretty/hot girls at a college party?
I'm going to college soon and I had a hot girlfriend last year. I know of a dozen girls that think I'm hot and at the least cute, but I'm not sure how to get a pretty girl at college. Should i just walk up to a group of girls and start dancing with them? Whats the best way to go about finding cute/pretty/attractive college girls? What's your experience? Girls opinions are very welcome :)
this one u might of heard a thousand times but b ur self!!!! the girls will long 4u if u show them who u really r! dont try 2 be who ur not and definitely dont try to hard ! good luc
Do all the hot college girls automatically go to heaven?
Hypothetically, if something tragic were to happen during spring break in Miami. Where would all those hot party girls go? up or down?
lol they go down....... lol couldn't help it.
What is the best party college? and what one has the most hot girls at it?
what is the best party college? and what one has the most hot girls at it?
I'm sorry, apparently you are not ready for college. College is not a place for parties and hooking up with girls. It is a place to obtain your studies to achieve a higher education for a career of an individuals choice. So take it serious and stop being another useless being in the way of life.
Where do all the hot college girls go for winter vacation?
We're a group of 5 guys and we're debating on where to go this winter. It must be HOT, have GOOD PARTIES and nice girls... Any suggestions???
Aspen, CO the skiing is great.
What college it high ranked in having hot girls/and parties?
Hi I am tryng to choose what college to go to. and I want to know what collge is the most popular for having the hottest girls so my choice could be easier. if you think that your college has the hottest girls tell me witch one is it and Why do you think has the hottest girls and the best parties?
Any party school in a warm area. Miami, Arizona, Alabama, Florida, USC, Texas, Oklahoma, Vanderbilt, and UCLA all come to mind for me.
Do hot fit college girls mind sleeping with a guy with a hot face but soft body with a beer belly?
If you're a college girl and you met this guy at a party - he's hot on the outside (clothes hide the fat), and he was confident enough to take you back. NOW, when you get in bed, you realize he's soft and has a beer belly sticking out. Would you be grossed out, or would you still have sex with him?
Well i dont really think any girls would say eww and walk out. So im guessing they would stay and have sex with you x :)
GUYS: What would you think if you saw a hot girl enter a college party by herself?
what would come to mind?

would you think why is she alone? does she have no friends? thats what im worried about

btw the host invited me and so did his friend
I'd probably think she was there to meet someone and get laid usually. You may doubt it but it's true. If you go, know that you will be hit on by a number of guys, especially if it's a frarternity party.
What kind of guys do party girls take home at college parties?
I'm not asking how or what you think about this: But I'm wondering what kind of guys are most of these girls into?
If you meet a guy at a party, you can like him and go on a date another time too. But to get in bed with them the same night what qualities do they have? (Any personal experience anyone can share here?)

i.e. Is he funny? Is he hot? Cute? Your friends like him?
Or maybe it's not about him; maybe you go to the party looking to get laid? Or is that not always the case and it just happens?

Share your thoughts! Most interesting, detailed story wins.
One thing you have to remember is that guys who succeed at this arent always successful. Not every woman will go home with them.

Generally they prefer funny/outgoing guys. Basically anyone with the balls to ask them home in the first place.
How would college girls react to a question about intercourse?
I'm 47 and live by university of Texas, where girls get drunk and party all night. There are bars and clubs filled with them. If I go in and late at night right before the bars/clubs are closing, and the girls are intoxicated, how hard is it for me to take a hot college girl home for intercourse? Or ask them if I could do their brains out in the restroom? I love hot college girls. They are so beautiful.
Drunk college girls will sleep with anyone. You should have no trouble getting in their pants.

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