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Where can I get pictures of very hairy females?
If any females with a lot of body hair reply with their hairy part photos?
RNC website.
Why do some females have hairy forearms?
I am just curious as to why some females have hairy forearms and if it bothers the females that have hairy arms? I myself don't really see anything wrong with females that have hair on their arms as that is a natural trait. I feel that as long as the woman doesn't have hair on legs or armpits than the arm is alright! What do you think?
well we have hair on our forearms cuz we are human. Men have more arm hair because of their hormones. Some women have different hormones so some have more hair on their forearms than others. my forearm hair is very fine and light colored. My leg hair is light too but I shave it. My underarms are shaved as well as my pubic hairs.
Am i wrong to be turned off by females with hairy legs and arms ?
Ok here is the thing i cant stand girls with hairy legs and arms.... Some girls shave their legs and leave their arms alone some dont shave their legs either. I see so many girls with almost a jungle growing on their arms ... eww its such a turn off ... girls should not have hair anywhere but their head am i not right ? Am i wrong to think that girls are such a turn off with hairy arms and legs ?
No its not wrong. Its just ur preference. Im a girl and i shave my legs, because its just disgusting not too, and i don't shave my arms because i don't have a jungle growing on my arms. I have really short, light hair on my arms so its not visible really. But i do have friends, who shave their arms, because they dont like the hair either.

So no its not wrong. lol.

Im turned off by mustaches. EWWWWWWWW. I just wanna buy a razor for every single guy who has a mustache. ewww ewww ewww. yuck yuck. lol. See? everyone has a personal preference!!
Do hairy cats cause Infertility for Females?
I've heard that alot, im want to have a cat in my house but im worried about the females in my house, well im just asking Is there's any womens who own cats and their cats are hairy, and they (the womens not the cats) had healthy babies after that??

well im not good in english , sorry for grammar mistakes
fom what i know (im a cat owner but im no preg. or trying to concieve) is that a preg. woman should not clean a cats cat litter cuz of soem type of sickness they can get that can cause death to her and the baby. and if she has to she must wear gloves and wash her hands to make sure she does not get infected.
also my mum says that its bad for a baby (under 12 months) to have cat hair around cuz it can cause breathing problems?

honestly i wouldnt know about the infertitility. and the cat hair
hope this helps
Am i too hairy - females only please?
i think i have way more than other girls my age but i don't know what a normal or average amount is. can another female help me out?? i can take a picture and show another girl if she'd be willing to tell me if i am really hairy or not. i don't want to shave it either.
i know I am a guy but I have to answer my mother-in-law has grown a beard and i think she should shave it off but for some reason she leaves it on (i guess she thinks it's sexy)? You don't say where the hair is.
Why I like hairy armpits in females?
I like armpit hair in females a major turn on... In fact it acts as the ultmate aphrodisiac. Why is this ? Am I mentally deranged ?
Nah man its called a fetish. some guys like feet, some guys like girl on girl, you like hair. Dont sweat it.
Am I extra hairy compared to most females in America?
yes, i know it's embarrassing but i am referring to my pubic area. i am 19 and wanted to know if other females are naturally really hairy like me or if i grow more than most. i'm not asking if i should shave or wax because i know i can do that. i am from armenia and i recently moved to the u.s. and am just curious if i am naturally way hairier than most. thanks!
i'm trying to chat with you now. I don't know about female pubic hair, but if you think its too much wax or shave.
Females, do you like your man with a hairy chest or no hair?
I personally like my husband with a harry chest, he feels more masculine and manly to me. I like to rub his harry chest with my hands.
Hairy or not hairy? Females only.?
Wierd question, but boredom has hit hard here at work.

Just wondering what do women prefer? Hairy guys or Shaved guys. And when I say Hairy I don't mean Sasquatch. I mean average hair length. Do girls find it attractive or unatractive?

Following Body Parts -

BQ - Prefer guys with facial hair or shaved cleanly?

I usually keep a 5'oclock shadow or a chinstrap for my facial hair. And I don't shave any of the above body parts, so I'm curious in FEMALE opinions
I don't mind hairy guys except for one thing, I don't like back hair.
For facial hair, its all about how you look with and without it. Some guys just look better with some facial hair.

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