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Question: i am addicted to ebony gay porn..?
but I am a female!!! Every day, I go to get my internet "fix" (check out the name...and no this isn't an ad for this website) and have purchased a couple of dvd's as well. The DVD's were okay, but didn't get played more than once before i tossed them. The more anal action, men being "broken in" and when i see that they are enjoying it and not just going throught the motions, the more turned on I get!! Is it weird for me to get off so much on ebony gay porn (regular porn does nothing for me, nor does lesbian porn)?
i do not know girl. I have the same problem. We should start a support group with just us two. I love gay porn!!!!!
What to put in a gift basket for a gay man?
If any of you have seen Gabriel Inglesias' racist gift basket video on youtube you'll appreciate this. If you haven't seen it, they put in watermelon, fried chicken, an ebony magazine etc. so stuff like that
I just need some typical things a gay man would want to put into a gift basket. So far I've come up with crest whitestrips and some green tea. Any more ideas???
scented candles, silk pjs
How do i get gay men on my space.?
how do i get gay ebony men on my space.
Go to search and specify that you are looking for Black men, then put in the zip code you are in, then specify that you are looking for gay only.
What are some special interest club/group that I can start at my high school?
I want to start a new club that will have a lot of members interested and participating...
we already have service club, student council, environmental club, ebony club, gay rights club, etc.
I need something special but fun and interesting!

If you live in an historically interesting (or even not so interesting) area you could start a club to explore the culture of your specific geographic area.... you could go on trips to local historical sites, picnic at state or local parks, make contacts with the historical society... and meet people in your community and sign up guys at school who like where you are from.
In need of help!! my boyfriends gay: (?
I dont even kno where to start but my bf is gay something ive known for a while but i just cant let him go weve been together for about 3yrs and all we do is eat,breath,sleep each other there is not a moment we are apart but recently alot of his friends one that is gay told me that i need to leave him alone because he is gay n he's been tryin to have sex with him...i evn read his email and he on some website called gay black and ebony and his name is ilovedick3... i just dont kno what to do because all i know is him n almost nothing else!! plzzzz help me out
oh and by the way he told me he was bi and never really told me he was gay..but i dont kno if he's telling the truth am i a cover up r does he really love me!!!!!!!!
How would we know? You need to confront your boyfriend about this, plain and simple.
How do you join a "Gay Family?"?
(Like the Khanflicts, The Gabbana's The Ebony's The Hilton's etc.)
I would imagine by knowing these people well enough to consider yourselves family.
Why do Republicans want desperately to considerate classify and label America as a country of whites?
in this corner... Whites!

in the other corner... Non-whites!


white is an ugly skin color! and besides White catholics and Islamics are cool, unlike whitey protestants.
and the hottest girls are brunettes, ebony or dark skinned Latinas!
I think republicans are gay!
Is your rant over now?

There seems to be a few on here who must discuss racism and by your ranting reveals that you are actually the racist. As history has revealed that those who are the loudest of decriers actually are racists themselves.

Why Are Gay People Naming There Guyren Such Silly Names? Best Answer Wins Ten Points?
I Am Very Well Educated As Well As Rich And Handsome. I Have Been Exploring Different Inner City Areas And I Am Starting To Wonder Why These People Name There Guyren Very Silly Names. For Instance:

I Could Go On Forever But You Get The Point.

Best Answer Wins 10 Points.
i am really sorry if i sound racist, but it sounds to me like if these are NOT gay names....
these sound like the sort of things black people name their guyren O.O
...you forgot shenaynay
Who was gay/lesbian/bisexual on America's Next Top Model?
I watched all 15 cycles of America's Next Top Model and I remember there has been a lesbian or bisexual girl literary in EVERY SEASON! Really, in every season! Either they already were lesbian when they entered the show and they announced it straight away or they came out during the show. But I'm 10000% sure there has been at least one contestant per cycle.

That's why I tried to make a list, but I really can't find more and there are too many seasons to watch it at again ;)

Does anyone remember more than the following?


1 - Ebony Haith
4 - Michelle Deighton (bi)
5 - Kim Stolz & Nik Pace (didn't admit it during the show)
6 - Leslie Mancia (bi)
7 - Megan Morris & Michelle Babin
10 - Marvita Washington
11 - Isis King (trans gender) & Elina Ivanova (bi)
12 - Kortnie Coles (?)
13 - Lulu Braithwaite
15 - Kayla Ferrel

Thanks a lot for your help!!! :)
None in Cycle 2 or 3

8 - I believe Jael Strauss claimed to be a-sexual ... :)

9 - None

14 - Ren Vokes

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