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How do I find a good diaper spanking girl movie on youtube or myspace?
i think in utube.....but why don't you go check?
Where do i find a good diaper spanking movie?
Try your local cable operator ....................

I know on my TV, channel 74 is the Diaper Spanking Movie Channel.
Pro-Spanking Parents: A question about spanking diaper aged guyren?
Our son is diaper aged and we spank him for things "unsafe". Like pulling on a lamp cord, reaching for the hot oven, reaching for the fireplace, pulling on curtains, pulling on something heavy, or even tearing up something he shouldn't or putting something not safe in his mouth.

When my wife spanks him she uses an implement. (like a ruler, wooden spoon, or hairbrush) She thinks that with a diaper being so padded it is better to use a tool instead of her hand.

Q1. What is your view on spanking a diaper age guy with a tool instead of your hand with a diaper being so padded?

Q2. When you had a diaper age guy did you do this?
A. Yes
B. No

Q3. Do you think there are other ways of spanking a diaper age guy besides using a tool?
I believe you should always spank with an implement, never with your hand, because a parent's hands should provide love and comfort not cause pain.

Yes, we started spanking both our guyren when they were still in diapers; one at about 18 months and the other just over two years old.

I'm not a fan of spanking with the hand, as I said, but you could spank on the bare bottom instead of through the diaper.
How to get your parents to do a diaper punishment on you?
Do not say wet your pants I want to wear a diaper forced spanked by my parents how?
Wet the bed every night and wet your self on purpose during the day at home and at school.
My BF loves to spank my in the diaper position I love it when he does it. Why do I? Any other good spanking?
ok what is it :)
Lots of other good spanking. In fact, all spanking is good. The main reason you love it when you're getting your bottom blistered in the diaper position is that this allows your BF to look deep into your naughty and repentent and sorrowful eyes while he's giving you your just deserts. He can also look deep into your bearded clam at the same time.
What do California residents think of spanking 0-3 year olds being illegal?
We're not talking about beatings, we're talking about spanking a diapered guy who runs into the street or tries to touch to stove.

Guy rearing guidelines or just good old Government Invasion of personal lives? Anyone....
I agree that there are alternatives to spanking but the government has gone too far when they make it illegal for a parent to disipline their guy anyway they chose within reason. I live in Ca: what does this law mean: My 19mo son runs out to the street and I pop him lightly on his daipered bottom and a police office sees so Im arrested or fined while mynext door neighbors who use meth and dont give a da** about their guys goes unpunished??? Seems fair to me (just guyding). I honestly think that a law like that isnt going to make a difference. There are so many guys that are really abused and they slip through the cracks. Instead of putting time and effort and tax payers money into punishing parents who pop their guyren on teh bottoms to keep them out of danger they need to put that effort and money towards protecting the guyren that need it.

Note: I dont spank my guyren because with a 9 year old daughter and 19mo son I have found other ways to get my point across.
My dad just gave me a spanking and my mom said i was acting like a baby so she put a diaper on me?
long story short i cursed my dad and then he spanked me with his hand he is strong so ouch and i said he is wrong for spanking me and i said i wanted to live with my aunt and my mom said i was acting like a baby so she took my lil bros diaper it is an overnight one and put it in my underwear so i will learn that if i act like a baby i will be treated like one and when she was putting it on i said no and at first i pulled it off so she popped my hand five times and put it on sh said in 30 min we will have A TALK and most of the time when that happened i get more spankings and she tells my why i got all nof them if i act like i least bit dont care about what she is sayinkg my dad gets his belt out and spankes me and said YOU WILL CARE NEXT TIME and from my last spanking my butt and theighs are hurting

do u think there righ tfor doing that
I don't know the laws in your state, but in mine it is illegal to hit a guy with a object(belt), but as far as using his hand that is fine as long as the punishment did not result in injuries.

How old are you?

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