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Is it safe to do a Brazilian wax on yourself with Veet Bikini Strips?
Has anyone tried this?
yes so nooooo.... you just cant pull it the way it needs to be done so get a friend to do it or go to the beauticians,wear a thong and they will take all the hair that is showing and also a thong got nice guideline shape to use and have it done they do it really fast so you hardly feel it,and doesnt cost much...i had to get in a bath to melt the wax and pull of the strips lol!
What should i use to wax my bikini area?
I shaved my bikini area about two days, and have the itchy stubble. I would like a more longer lasting solution, but products i have tried recenetly dont seem to want to grub the stuble, though there is some hair growth above the skin. Does anyone have any suggestions or do you should it can be taken care of professionally? Do i have to let the hair grow out or what? I have used Surgi Wax Honey wax strips and Surgi Wax No Strip bikini wax.
Seek a qualified aesthetician!! Don't settle for the hair shop lady doing it. Make sure the aesthetician has had experience since school waxing the bikini...especially if it turns into a Brazilian or Sphinx waxing. The bikini area hair is coarser and more deeply rooted than other body hair. Also the skin in the area is more pliable so usually assisting the aesthetician in holding back skin and/or a body part is not unusual in a typical bikini wax. Make sure you eat well, drink plenty of water and get good sleep the day before the procedure. Oh yeah, hair should be at least 1 1/4" long before going in for the waxing. If it is longer, trimming is necessary. Get off the bed if she doesn't break out the trimmers! Good luck, take a squeezy ball and breathe!
Using bikini wax strip kits for at home Brazilian?
I found a bikini wax strip kit at a department store, but does that mean it's restricted to doing bikini waxes or can I use it for to do a Brazilian wax on myself too?
That's a big no no! Never ever do your own brazilian wax. You can actually tear skin, there's a more technical term but i'm not sure what it's called.
Bikini hair removal products that actually work?
What are some bikini hair removal products that actually work? Like wax strips? I've used Nair Bikini strips but they didn't work at all. I've used Veet and other depleatitory creams but they don't work either. (Preferable something that I can get at Walmart or a drugstrore.)


Oh yeah, don't even suggest going to a salon to get it done professionally. I'm not comfortable doing that. I like the comfort of my own home. haha
I think it actually varies by person. You need to try different things out and see what works best for you. I gave up and started going to an aesthitician for brazilians.
Ladies, would u even consider stripping into a bikini in order to pass airport security?
Guys, would your wives dress like Corinne Theile, the bikini girl and strip into their underwear? or do u think it's a crazy idea?… Do you think she looks amazing in a bikini?
No, because I'm not that ridiculous. I am not going to draw attention to my body in an effort to protest the attention that's being drawn to my body, it's completely hypocritical and STUPID.
How can i do my hair like the girl in the Zebra Stripped Bikini top ?…
i want to do my hair like that girl | in the zebra stripped bikini top but idk how !!!!??? thxx
i have her hair and i cut it myself, it took me alot of try though, if you mess up you're screwed in tell it grows, ii suggest go to salon, they dont do it the way you want, fix it up yourself.
Can I use wax strips made for bikini for a full brazillian?
I have the Sally Hansen hair remover wax strip kit. Theres strips in there for bikini wax, can I use it for a full brazilian? Should I do it after shower or before?
I would not do that. Sally makes a brazilian wax kit in that the wax needs to be heated. It works much much better.
Have you ever stripped off your bikini in public?
I really want to do a strip at the beach, but I am scared. If you have before, then did you enjoy it? What should I do if people take out cameras? Should I stand there and pose for the pictures, cover up parts with my hands, or put my bikini back on? Should I do it?
i havent dont that, but i would love to!!! that sounds hot! i would love to see you do it!
Do the at home bikini waxing strips work?
Like the ones that already have the wax on the strips, and you just have to rub the strips for a few seconds to warm them up.
They aren't the best at removing hair because the wax just doesn't seem to grip the hair like a hot wax does. I would recommended one of these for great hair free results;……

I personally prefer the microwave waxing, simple, clean and quick :)
Can you use leg/general waxing strips on your bikini area?
Or can you only use bikini area wax strips? They're sort of embarrassing to buy LOL.
I dont see why not.
go for it?

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