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Going in the "Back door"? Anal Penetration?
just wondering, what can I do to take care of Anal health?

I recently started experimenting with "back door" stimulation and the issue of hemorrhoids came to my attention.

Apparently, not enough fiber, water and obesity are related to getting hemorrhoids. Also friction from large stools. Once you have them they never go away?

I know that Witch Hazel and getting more fiber,water,exercise can heal them , but what are the good preventative measures? Should I regularly swab with witch Hazel even when I don't have them? Supplement with natural forms of stool softeners? Exercise the anal muscles to open up for bowel movements?

(and plz, I'm over the right/wrong issue concerning "back door" activities , Its the only type of sex I love and I'm willing to do whatever to make sure I can enjoy it for YEARS to c**).

Currently, I am "training" by myself to take in a full sized "member". Anyone willing to answer questions I may have in the future?
Hemorrhoids are an issue many have to deal with, regardless of whether they engage in anal sex. Fiber can help, not straining too hard. But some people will still have a problem with them. I wouldn't resort to stool softeners unless you really need them. (If you start using them now, when you are older and really need them, they might not be as effective.)

Just be careful, and don't rush yourself.
Lately my husband has been wanting to back door me and I begin to think he might be I over thinking?
Lately my husband has been wanting to go back door on me and he wants me to do him.

I think my husband might be bi curious. Am I over thinking that just because he wants a*n*al play that he might be bi or bi curious?

Or is anal fairly normal and I need to relax about it?
No he is probably not bi and yes you are over thinking.

My wife and I have been having anal sex for years. We both enjoy it.

For me, I enjoy the tightness when I anal my wife. She tells me that she enjoys it also because if not she would not do it.

For me receiving anal from my wife with her wearing a strap on, this is the ultimate orgasm for me and she loves the power and control over me. Its a nice change for both us where we are reversing roles and my wife really gets into this. I can have the most intense orgasm when she mounts me with her strap on. Oh my god it is intense.

Kim, we have been playing like this for a long time and I am not bi. Even though my wife has giving it to me anally for the past 10 years, I have no attraction to men.

You need to just relax and enjoy your husband in the bedroom and stop over thinking :-)

Good luck and enjoy yourself.
Why does my wife have such a problem with me making her take the back door entry?
to the house? I hate it when she comes in the front door and messes up the floor. I know I'm anal retentive, but she should know that by know, right?
go eat some cheese
In terms of sex, does "smashing someones back doors in" mean anal?
This is serious.
Just be yourself. It doesn't matter if it's good enough for someone else.
What kind of damage can I get letting my man come through the back door?
in other words Anal Sex....

what kind of damage comes from this kind of sexual activity
this is actually pretty dangerous.. he can cause cuts and tears that can allow in bacteria that causes infection and because the rectum was not made for sex, it is not as elastic as your vagina, and when it is stretched, it cannot return to its original shape.. over time, you could start to experience incontinence (not being able to stop yourself from going to the bathroom on yourself :/) and other than possible major surgery, there is no way to reverse this.. i would rethink the whole anal sex thing :/
Can you get pregnant through the back door?
I recently tried anal with my girlfriend.
Shes only a day late but I am freekin out.
I dont claim to be the most intelligent guy in the world so please be nice (Its not my fault that they only teach abstinence in school)

believe it or not you can get pregnant from anal sex.…
How do you make anal more enjoyable?
I like to please a guy in bed so I try anything they want to a point. I have noticed a lot of guys want to do it anal. I have tried lube and numbing cream but I still do not like it because it hurts so bad. I mean they stick a finger up it and that even hurts. How can I make enjoyable for me so they can "come" in my back door while I "come" in the front?
If you don't like it then it's perfectly OK to say 'No thanks'. You are not put on earth to be a pleasure provider for guys. Some women don't like anal sex and there is nothing wrong with that.
Anal Sex? What to do to prepare...?
Ladies! Can you use regular douch to clean the back door before anal sex. By the way, this is me and my husbands first time (anal) any advise?
Start slow, or even at a standstill to relax the anal muscles
Use a lot of lube
Start small and work up

These are the main things, let her be in control or she may hurt, her muscles need to relax or it will hurt
How to make anal feel better?
I like to please a guy in bed so I try anything they want to a point. I have noticed a lot of guys want to do it anal. I have tried lube and numbing cream but I still do not like it because it hurts so bad. I mean they stick a finger up it and that even hurts. How can I make enjoyable for me so they can "come" in my back door while I "come" in the front?

You have been with men who want their pleasure in your anus and unquestionably we men get Great pleasure form your anal passage - However, to really enjoy anal you need a man who has as his entire focus bringing you pleasure. You see, an experienced man teasing and pleases you into anal sex without even mentioning the subject. You are understandably not relaxed about anal having been hurt and with good reason. but now even a finger if dilation hurts. I can say this because you open up far more then a finger for passing stool but in the context of sex some bad lovers have just about ruined you on the idea of anal so that any contact is at first resisted I know you can get over this because I have done anal with nearly every woman I have ever slept with and this includes a number who swore they would never do it again and yet they all found pleasure in the act. It is not you - there is nothing wrong with you - it has just been your inept lovers.

Here is a little write up I wrote for another woman about how anal should work -

Yes, anal sex can result in the most mind blowing sexual sensations a woman will even have, but(no pun intended) if done incorrectly or by an inept or inconsiderate guy it can result in severe discomfort if not significant pain. Let me explain:

Anal is not like vaginal where it might hurt the first few times but soon gets better, anal is not a programed sex act. The human anus is designed primarily for elimination not the thrusting in and out of man's organ. However, that does not mean it cannot be enjoyed this way. Just as lips and tongues are primary speech and digestive organs and yet are capable when applied to sexual uses of bringing massive pleasures to both persons

Nevertheless this is not a programed sex act like vaginal sex and any anal penetration carries for the woman or the man if he is being penetrated the fear of pain and with some basis in reality. Hence, a real lover never just tries anal sex and NEVER never asks the woman to do it. How silly it would be if the mas asked, Can I kiss you? Can I touch your nipples? May I kiss your neck? Can I go down on you? No in lovemaking a man attempts certain sexual acts and woman either allows and refuses and most women find no difficulty in making their desires or dislike known.

Asking for anal is the mark of a man who is nearly certain to hurt you either because he is inexperienced or just plainly not a good lover. Bear this always in mind - of the guy asks it is a huge red flag. Even if you agree you will not be relaxed after such an exchange . Nothing like asking it he can ram his hard organ up your tightest and most sensitive passage to make you relax - right?

Anal is not something tried this way but something the man pleasures and trains you into, He begins the very first time he touches you by including light strokes on your anus with his fingers then later as part of oral sex his lips and tongue explore you anus often and extensively, Yes no man deserves access to your anus of he is unwilling to use his tongue there in pleasuring you.

Later when you near orgasm from oral, he may insert a well lubricated finger in your anus to enhance your pleasure as this will certainly make your orgasm markedly stronger, As you two make love more and more he includes anal sex play as part of the lovemaking and he is training you to relax and discover that every time he touches you anally you get sexual pleasure from it. There is no time frame a good anal lover might get you ready for anal sex ina very short period of time where as another man might require weeks or moths of preparation

When a man makes love this way the day will come when he is engaged in vaginal intercourse and he may withdraw his penis now soaked with your lubricants and position at your anus. As he masturbates you nearer and nearer your climax he may insert the head and head only of his penis inside your anal opening (every women can easily take the soft rubbery head of a man's penis anally without pain) and bring you to orgasm then withdraw.

Again he is training you to enjoy anal penetration this time finding pleasure with his penis inside you. As he continues such sex play he can each time insert a little more and before very long you will actually enjoy his organ thrusting inside your anus, get strong orgasms from it, actually come to request this sex act from him because it brings such massive pleasure.

Feel free to contact me for further information. You can overcome this bad start and I will help in any way I can. Anal sex when done right bring women more pleasure than they ever knew existed - I want you to find this experience rather than the suffering you have so far endured so feel free to e-mail me.

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